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“In the game of basketball, the basket is set at 10 feet above the floor. For the game to be regulation, the rim is hung at this stationary height-the same height in any gym or on any playground around the world. But not every court is regulation.

You can purchase a basketball goal that sits in your driveway and has an adjustable height. This type of goal lets you raise and lower the basket according to your preference or your height so that even the shortest person can experience the thrill of slamming the ball through the hoop.

God has a standard. He has a goal. His kingdom is that goal. Yet many men have lowered His standard and then congratulated themselves for being able to dunk the ball. The results of this lowered standard affect many more people than just the men on the court. They affect us all. They show up in our country, our culture, and our world. It takes only a cursory glance around our homes, churches, communities, and globe to discover that men-maybe even most men-have missed the goal to live as kingdom men.”

Why Suffering? Finding Meaning in our Difficult World